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We Love Happy Customers!!

Hi everyone! Check out this testimonial from one of our recent horse sales. We couldn’t be happier for Empress and her new owner!

“Empress, the 8-year-old Irish Sport Horse/Arab cross that I bought from Glenda Player this past fall, is simply the nicest horse I’ve ever sat on — and I’ve sat on a lot, as I’ve climbed the ladder to competing up to preliminary eventing. Her step is lovely and she covers a lot of ground, though she stands at about 15.2. Most importantly, she has a winning attitude — she treats work as play, and it’s always fun. The bigger the jump, the broader her smile. Buying a horse can be frustrating, as you’ve got to kiss a thousand frogs and all that. But with Empress, the moment I put my feet in the stirrups and felt her trot and canter, I knew. During the pre-purchase, the vet said he rarely encounters such strong and healthy feet, a sentiment that has been echoed by every blacksmith she’s encountered (she hasn’t yet worn shoes). If I were ever to buy another horse, the first place I’d stop would be Playland Farm. Horses like Empress are hard to find, and you’re darned lucky when you come upon one. I thank the cosmos every day for my good fortune. Granted, I’m her owner, but ask anyone who has seen me on this horse– including the professional Olympians who coach me– and they will nod their head in agreement. Empress is simply the best.”

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