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Boarding Playland Equestrian Center

Expert, Comprehensive Horse Care

When you board your horse at Playland Equestrian Center, you are investing in a true partnership. We pride ourselves on the experience we provide our clients with the horse's development in mind. We are more than a boarding operation, we are a collaborative care facility.


"I moved my two horses to P.E.C on stall and retirement board, and could not be happier! My horses were kept at home until last year, so I am very particular, but this is the cleanest, most organized facility I have ever been a client at. I am incredibly pleased with the care and attention to detail, and Glenda is devoted to continuing the education and training of everyone in our amazing community at Playland." -Phoenix

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"My mare Violet, like many young horses, was getting a little bit “stir crazy” in her stall, so when I moved to Playland, I decided to try out field board for her. She was slowly introduced to her pasturemates to make sure everyone was safe, and Violet is SO happy now. Glenda and her team closely inspect each horse twice a day for any signs of injuries or illnesses, so I never have to worry about something getting missed. My only regret is not moving Violet here earlier!"


What Our Clients Say

"“I couldn’t be happier with retirement board at Playland. Knowing that my horse Ollie is happy, comfortable, and cared for allows me to step back and let him enjoy his retirement. Playland is quick to notify me if something is wrong, and they are very flexible and accommodating when he needs extra care. I trust Playland’s care and judgement 100%, and that peace of mind is priceless.”"

- Erin

Boarding Information

Boarding Info

  • A security deposit (50% of first month’s board) is required along with a signed contract is required.

  • All boarders must take a minimum of four lessons for month or have their horse in training.

  • Owners must provide all blankets, fly masks, boots and medications. Supplements are to be provided in either Smartpaks or preportioned daily ration baggies/containers. 

  • Playland Equestrian Center's comprehensive training program alongside outside clinician visits offer a variety of options for horse owners to further their education. Therefore, we do not allow clients to bring outside train

  • We offer a variety of grain options included with board, but there is a poundage cap. If your horse eats above this cap (hard keeper) you will be charged for excess grain at cost.

  • Clients who choose to supply their own grain will not receive a discount, but we will feed any amount with no cap. 

  • We work with local farriers and vets for scheduling, and will hold client horses for $30 per appointment if they cannot make it.

Field Board includes...

  • Grain (1x/day in summer, 2x/day in winter)

  • Hay in fields seasonally,

  • Fly masks

  • 1 field board locker in boarder tack room.

  • Field Board: $530/month

  • Seaonsonal Blanketing of Field Boarders: $100/month (flat fee)

Stall Board includes...

  • Group or semi-private turnout

  • Personalized feeding program

  • Day/night blanketing

  • Fly masks

  • 1 locker in boarder tack room

  • Upper Barn Stall Board (dutch doors): $850/month

  • Upper Barn Stall Board (regular doors): $825/month

  • Private Turnout: $85/month (flat fee)

Retirement Field Board includes

  • Grain (1x/day in summer, 2x/day in winter)

  • Hay in fields seasonally,

  • Fly masks as needed

   • Retirement Field Board: $450/month


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