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Playland Riders & Horses Shine at Weekend’s Competitions

Congratulations to Playland Farm riders and PL Horses on a successful competition weekend! Down at the Carolina International Corinne Frankel and Excalibur (PL Calib) finished 11th in Training Rider-B.

Here at the Maryland Horse Trials- Starter Trial #1, Glenda and PL Irish Pearl finished 3rd in the Beginner Novice-B division. On KA Clover, Glenda was 3rd in Introductory-B Dressage and 4th in Introductory-B Dressage. Sofia Tamayo with PL Contessa finished 5th in the Junior Elementary division.

Kim Brokaw with PL Ace of Diamonds was 3rd in the Elementary Combined Test. Hailey Gawinske with Halo was 1st in Introductory-B Dressage and Aubrey Lowrey with PL Lucky’s Indy was 2nd in Introductory-B Dressage and 1st in Introductory-C Dressage.

Great job Playland riders and horses!!! (pictured is Hailey and Halo)

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