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Hearing from PL Kalley’s Owner (all great things!)

“Hi Glenda! I realized it’s been a year since I bought Kalley, so I figured I’d send you a quick update! First off, she’s doing great and I love her to pieces I originally bought her knowing I might want to put some training on her and then re-sell, but she’s here to stay. She’s full of personality, but so wonderfully consistent and steady at the same time. Her flatwork is coming along well, with many thanks to the great foundation you gave her. Her lateral work is just lovely – she’s always had a knack for it. Best of all though is her jumping! The mare can’t get enough, and her mood is instantly better if we start going over fences. She has a lovely tidy, careful jump and was schooling courses up to 3’3” last fall (unless the fence is a white gate… then she doubles the height lol). We’ll be headed out to some xcountry schoolings and hopefully do a novice horse trial or two this summer. I really can’t say enough about her – I bring her over to school at dressage farms and the trainers drool over her natural self carriage and say things like, “But you’re going to take her dressage shows, right? You have to! She’ll win!”. I bring her out to school courses and people make offers on her. She’s even fantastic when my fiance comes out to watch me ride and hops on to cool her off – keeping an ear on me the whole time and never taking a step out of place. -Noelle”

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