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C.O.R.E. Rider Clinic, Sunday December 11th! Sign-up today!

We are so excited to announce another C.O.R.E. Clinic at the farm! New un-mounted lesson plans and exercises planned. Riders of all levels welcome to attend and this time we are offering jumping lessons! *Riders who want to jump in their mounted lessons need to make a notation when registering*

The clinic consists of a day full of lessons with un-mounted group sessions and mounted small group riding lessons (3 riders maximum). The new format breaks the clinic up into an AM and PM group, allowing for a half-day commitment. (We know there is always farm work to be done so now you can come and enjoy the clinic without having to stay all day). We have also had some requests from previous clinics for private CORE lessons so we now have two spots available at the end of the day for 30-minute, private lessons with Glenda. First come first serve basis.

Clinic Format: -9:00-10:30am: Unmounted group #1( Morning session) -10:45-12:00pm= Mounted group #1 (3 riders max.) -12:00-1:15pm= Mounted group #2 (3 riders max.)

-1:15-1:45pm= FREE *HOT* LUNCH (provided!)

-1:45-3:15pm= Unmounted group #2 (Afternoon session) -3:30-4:45pm= Mounted group #3 (3 riders max.) -4:45-6:00pm= Mounted group #4 (3 riders max.)

*6-6:30pm= Mounted private #1 (optional) *6:30-7:00pm= Mounted private #2 (optional)

Clinic Pricing: Sign-up for both un-mounted & mounted sessions and save! $85 Un-mounted only, $35

As always, space available on a first come, first serve basis.

PS- Don’t forget that Auditing is FREE and auditors are welcome to join-in for either of the mounted sessions.

Sign-up now for your ‘CORE Rider Experience’ to Erinn at:

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