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Our Core Values


A culture of gratitude, honesty, respect, strong work ethic, vulnerability, and trust.

1. When we promote equestrian-related education, activities, and services; we are contributing to the welfare of our community, both two-legged and two-legged, improving the quality of life across multiple generations, and particularly our future generations.

2. Discerning communication is our superpower. We speak and act our truth with love, clarity, curiosity, and in line with our integrity. We realize that we communicate with our actions, gestures, behaviors, words, and even our “energy” or thought patterns. We realize the impact our communication (in all forms) has on the horses, clients, co-workers (including team leaders), self, and atmosphere of both our team culture and “air.” We take responsibility for this communication and operate out of honesty, vulnerability, and respect.

3. We are solution-oriented, continuously learning with ongoing self-improvement.

4. We are self-propelled and management-oriented, operating with organization and efficiency within our quality standards.

5. We accept criticism with openness, vulnerability, self-reflection, and free of contempt. We bounce back from hard critiques with an exploration of self-growth.

6. We speak up for our needs and communicate these needs in line with our values.

7. We work as a team that prioritizes the health and welfare of the horses. We may have individual roles, but we help each other, knowing no task is too menial, to fulfill the overall needs of the horses and general operations within our everyday moments— and especially when in dire need. We step in, and we step up, to make sure the horses are well cared for –as a team.

8. We are oriented towards education and growth. Working towards both self-growth and growth of our organization, looking to create contributions to our organization that have a sustainable impact on our community and are in line with our core value #1.


9. We recognize and acknowledge each other with gratitude for our individual contributions to our team and organization.

Interested in joining our team?

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