Meet Glenda

Meet Glenda, Playland Equestrian’s Resident Trainer and Manager

Raised at Playland Equestrian Center, Glenda has been riding since childhood. As a young rider, she was an active member of the Frederick Pony Club and graduated with her ‘B’ rating. Since then, she has focused much of her riding in the dressage and eventing disciplines while breaking and bringing along many Playland homebreds. She has trained with some of the best-of-the-best in the equestrian world, and considers herself to be one of the lucky people in the world that gets to make her passion her profession.

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Glenda’s current focus is on the training program at Playland Equestrian Center. She uses her background in Pony Club, Centered Riding, and TTEAM to train client and Playland horses. Glenda also actively trains and competes Playland’s homebreds, client horses and sale horses across the East Coast.


In addition to her active training program, Glenda also offers instruction to both Playland Equestrian Center boarders and non-boarders.  She has taught throughout the United States, and in both Australia and New Zealand. She uses her background in Centered Riding and Pony Club to clearly communicate with students of all ages and needs. She teaches riders ‘how’ to ride, not just ‘what to do.’ Her method of teaching ensures that each student is able to go home and ride their horse producing the same results as in their lessons. In other words, she teaches your body new muscle memory by working through old habitual patterns together. Throughout the process each student gains increased body awareness and learns the pathways in which their anatomy can keep them balanced while in motion (and at the same time increasing the horse’s level of training!). Glenda currently offers lessons at Playland Equestrian Center on lesson horses or your own horse (yes, trailer-in students are welcome too!).

Glenda and the Playland team work hard to create a barn that is devoted to the health and wellness of the horse and rider, coupled with training methods that produce harmony and happiness between horse and rider.


To learn more about Glenda’s many accomplishments, please click here for Glenda’s resume’.