Clinic Schedule

Playland Farm welcomes:

Stephen Bradley:Show Jumping Clinic on May 29, 2013

Join us for a day of lessons with Stephen at the
lovely Playland Farm in Union Bridge, Maryland

Lessons will be 90 minutes each
5 groups of 4 riders each

Gymnastics, Coursework, or Cross Country Skills

Cost: $110
(cash, check and credit cards accepted)
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Please send a copy of your current coggins, a liability waiver and registration form to Glenda at

Biomechanics of Riding Clinic at Playland Farm

June 22nd - Dressage

June 23rd - Jumping

Clinic details to be announced soon! More about Biomechanics Clinics:

Learn to feel you horse "mirrors" your position.

Unmounted Lesson

Unmounted lessons are oriented toward achieving a higher awareness of one's own habits and biomechanics, thus aiding each individual rider to a heightened performance once re-mounted.

Mounted Lesson

Apply what you learned in the Unmounted lessons to your riding. Group sessions allow everyone to learn from each other in a positive and encouraging environment. These are fun and enlightening days!

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Please send Glenda a registration form, liability release, and payment to reserve your spot.

Learn how to feel your horse and intuitively respond with natural confidence.

Maximize your potential as a rider w/ Glenda's unique teaching style.
Glenda is a competitive event and dressage trainer that is based at her family's Playland Farm. She has taught throughout the United States and abroad. She has a unique style of teaching that enables each rider to improve his or her physical and mental performance. She believes that the horse and rider 'mirror each other', and therefore focuses attention on rider position and biomechanics to improve the horse's movement and training. She is a student of applied biomechanics, and is currently studying with the Mind Body Studies Academy. Mind Body Studies is a movement-based education method that explores the inter-connection between brain and behavior as the key to well-being and realizing our full human potential.

She utilizes her continuing education both in her riding and instructing. Her goal in teaching is to show her students that riding can be effortless, painless, and even healthy! Her teaching style incorporates unmounted lessons which improve rider flexibility, coordination, and timing of the aids. Learn how to have fun in the saddle again, while improving your riding!

Don't have a horse? Playland school horses are available on a limited basis for $10/day.

What People Are Saying...

"I thought it was amazing to see / feel the difference minor adjustments in the rider's posture could make in the horse's movement. I also had a "eureka" moment regarding my posture/leg position, which I have really been struggling with." ~ Liz V.

"I have been riding for a very long time. I have ridden mostly untrained, uncooperative, stubborn, wild horses. At this point in time I feel like I must make a formal apology to ALL my past horses, and say, "I'm so sorry for everything!" I had no idea what I didn't know about riding and balance. If you don't know there is a better way to do things that make your horse happier and better behaved, than you will just ride "by the seat of your pants", hoping not to fall off for the rest of your life.

Glenda taught me a whole new way of looking at my body in harmony with the horse's balance. I came to her because I couldn't get my young Arabian to settle down and just trot slowly. She bucked when I asked her to canter. Now my skeleton is more balanced and my 5 year old Arabian is responding nicely. I can trot and canter without the fear of her bucking and running away with me. It's like I have a whole different horse under me! Riding is no longer just the "art of keeping the horse between me and the ground". It's a "soft dance". Many, many, thanks to you Glenda!" ~ Sharon C.